Vizsla Dogs


Vizsla Breed

The Vizsla is a good dog for contemporary life styles. Because of their manageable temperament, they're well suited for hunting, yet they can make excellent trail dogs as well.  Their short coat and medium size (22 to 24 inches tall and 45 to 55 pounds) make them very practical dogs to be kept in the home as family companions. They are probably one of the most eager-to-please breeds around.  They almost seem to anticipate what you want them to do.  Vizslas are sensitive but that's because of their high level of intelligence. They love to hunt and do a creditable job of pointing and retrieving  birds, and the majority demonstrate the kid of range, pace and style that would attract the attention and admiration of most sportsmen. Vizslas are gentle and wonderful with kids

Upcoming litters

 None at this time.